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Wages and treatment

Once hired, the treatment given as ?generously?as?possibley! The probation period is one to three months, five days per week and eight hours a day

General worker: adequate order supply, timing and quantifying, overtime fee as 17.49 yuan / hour at ordinary time; 23.33 yuan / hour at weekends, 34.99 yuan / hour at holiday; post allowance as 50-850 yuan


Provided with free accommodation, 6 persons/room for employees and staff, 2-4 persons for director or above, each room is equipped with an independent bathroom with Restroom, water heater, air conditioner and a balcony.

2, Have restaurant for staff, various food for selection.

3, Enjoy social insurance (pension, unemployment, work injury, medical treatment and housing provident fund);

4, Equipped with air conditioners for office area and production workshop.

5,Have basketball court, leisure parks and merchandise stores.

6, Regularly carry out various literary, cultural and sports activities, such as birthday, games, Kala OK, legal holiday gifts etc.;

7, Provided with annual free physical examination, and free province tourism for outstanding staff.

8, Salary for employee released on time on 22nd per month.

Career development

1, Company insists on "people-oriented" management concept, hard training, excavates internal enterprise talents; regularly carry out the training for reserve cadres.

2, Company pays more attention to on-the-job training and personal development, provided employees with a wide range of internal and external training and abundant learning opportunities, equipped with various professional skills and management skills training courses;

3, Provided with fair promotion space, all positions such as clerk, leader, QC, warehouse, technician, assistant engineer is in priority for internal recruitment.

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